Henry Glass Fabrics


I am thrilled to see the Alpha-Babies collection now available for pre-order with Henry Glass & co,inc.

As usual the quality of the printing and inks that HG use really makes the designs pop, I love it.
Designing ranges for children is always a pleasure. As a designer you get to have real fun, kids are never boring lol, in fact I find the wackier the ideas the better.

I hope that you like this new collection, my intention everyday is to smile and hopefully to make other people smile. Animals and pets seem to know just how to warm our hearts and cheer us up. They communicate with us humans and the can’t even speak (well maybe apart from parrots, and the ones that I have met seem to only know naughty words! ha ha!) So this collection celebrates our brilliant little humans and natures menagerie of creatures.

Delphine x

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