It’s Starting to feel a little bit Spooky!

For most of my week I have my surface Pattern designer hat on. This is my passion and creating fun collections for fabrics is my dream job. I am incredibly honoured to be able to work with the super talented team over at Henry Glass. Christmas comes for me every time a collection of my fabric samples arrives on the doorstep. Up to now, these fabrics look beautiful stacked up in my studio.

That was until I started having patchwork and quilting workshops with the lovely ladies over at ‘Patchworks & More’ – our local little treasure trove of a shop with experts on hand. Mum and myself are now loyal regular members, reserving Thursdays for a good old ‘Stitch & Bitch’ ….erm I mean serious sewing tuition. Truth be told it’s a mix of the two. Lol! Great fun.

Anyway the whole reason for this blog post is to share my (very slow) progress at this wonderful craft. Quilting really is addictive, I love it and one day hope to create something wonderful. However for now, I’m a learner, wobbly wonky but happy at my work.

My first big project is to follow the instructions on the Table Set (free project) currently available on the Henry Glass website with my “Boo’ Halloween collection”.

Boo Table%20Set Pattern 09142021 PRELIMINARY%20WEB%20FILE

I hope that you enjoy my progress photos. Please be patient, I’m not the fastest sewer in town!

Working out a fussy cut!
Is that a nose peeping out near the candle?
First border complete.
Looks like we’re going to need a bigger table

That’s all for now folks..Tune in again soon for further progress. In the meantime happy sewing everyone. Hope that your Halloween projects are coming along nicely x

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