Progress photos of the making of my “Boo” Table Topper.

A couple of weeks now in to this project. (For those prolific patch workers out there, I know that you will have knocked up 14 full size quilts in this time! LOL! But I’m limited for sewing time…….Erm! And I’m incredibly slow! )

The Table Topper is now all pieced together. A backing has been made for the quilt. Wadding inserted. Now the quilting has begun. I started with hand quilting the centre panel which I find incredibly relaxing, especially as I’m all snuggly and warm under my quilt as I sew. The perfect place to be on these chilly Autumn evenings by the fire.

Now to the difficult job of machine quilting. Stitching in the ditch. I’m very wobbly at this so please don’t look too closely. I’m hoping practice will make perfect in time. So by the time I’m 120 years old I should be great at this! LOL! An accomplished master! I love the creativity of the quilting. It always amazes me how your piece comes too life as you quilt it.

So this is my progress so far. Starting to panic ever so slightly that I won’t be finished by the 31st! I’m determined to complete this project on my own without the help of my lovely and very talented Mum, Babs….

I’m going to need a bigger house to finish this quilt, never mind a bigger table!
Next border now all attached. We have corner witches, casting their spells. Let’s hope it a good spell to help me finish my table topper before next years Halloween!
Such a lovely place to be, all warm and toasty under my quilt…..
Now is not the time for me to be plagued by one of natures ‘hot flushes!’
Right Mr Pumpkin, it’s time to get stitched up!
Thank Goodness Halloween is celebrated during the dark hours! Nobody will hopefully noticed my wobbly stitching! LOL!
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