Midnight Garden

Sauntering through beautifully crafted ancestral homes and gardens is one of my favoured past-times. For me they are a bounty of inspiration. I delight in the historical fashions of interiors from the fabulous old masters hung from the silk lined walls to the delicately hand embroidered, intricate bedcovers. Chillingham Castle, which I have jaunted many times over the years, sparked the idea for my latest collection “Midnight Garden”. A stunning tapestry caught my eye as I climbed the draughty, well trodden stone staircase. The sight of the Indian style archway with an elegant decorative vase beneath, erupting with white blossom, looked so striking against the now faded and dusty inky blue background, urged me to get a quick snapshot and then get painting as soon as I returned to the holiday cottage that evening.

I hope that you like this collection, I have certainly enjoyed creating them. Time for another Historical House visit for more artistry I think!

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