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Midnight Garden

Sauntering through beautifully crafted ancestral homes and gardens is one of my favoured past-times. For me they are a bounty of inspiration. I delight in the historical fashions of interiors from the fabulous old masters hung from the silk lined walls to the delicately hand embroidered, intricate bedcovers. Chillingham Castle, which I have jaunted many …

Henry Glass Fabrics


I am thrilled to see the Alpha-Babies collection now available for pre-order with Henry Glass & co,inc. As usual the quality of the printing and inks that HG use really makes the designs pop, I love it. Designing ranges for children is always a pleasure. As a designer you get to have real fun, kids …

Noah's story
Henry Glass Fabrics Patchwork

Noah’s Story – Heading for Stores

One of my passions is designing and illustrating for kids. One thing that I have always wondered is how old Noah managed to fit all those animals and birds in to his ark. So I decided to illustrate this and see if I could squeeze them all in myself. I’m not sure that I did as well as Noah, however I did thoroughly enjoy working on this project. When designing for quilting fabrics I always start with the main panel and then use that as inspiration for the coordinating patterns. I had such fun creating patterns from all the little creatures, especially the ‘mug-shots’ pattern. The pelican insisted on dangling form the ceiling for his mug-shot though LOL.

Over a year later, its just such a great feeling when a huge parcel arrives full of all your artwork now all printed and looking beautiful. I’m incredibly lucky that Henry Glass always work so hard to make my art look fabulous with their very high standards of printing and quality of fabrics. It’s like Christmas all over again when you get your samples as a designer.

The weather in England is wonderful today, very hot and blue sky. So I couldn’t resist trying to use this light to try and show off how incredible Noah’s Story has turned out. From working very late one very cold, dark evening back in 2020. To seeing the finished fabrics in summer 2021. Ever more the sweeter knowing that hopefully we are all coming out from the very dark time of Covid. My art and my family are my sanity 🙂

Creating my little characters makes me smile everyday. My wish is that my work puts a little smile on your face too.

Stay Safe Love Del X

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